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Saturday, 10 August 2013

After Dark

After Dark
A very dark yet sensual look. The aim for this look is to show the power of a women, basically the "I know I'm sexy! You can look but you most definitely cannot touch" kinda look. Very fun and flirty thanks to the beautiful skirt and top both by #Balmain and of course oh so sexy thigh-high boots by Mr #BrianAtwood. To finish off this look: dark make-up i.e. dark lips, a definite Fashion with no Limitation. Another special thing about this look? It's proof that Girls do really run this world.

Happy Women's Month! 
#dark #Sexy #RedCarpet #red #bold #TrickyTrend

Balmain cut loose top / Balmain maxi skirt / Alexander McQueen skull clutch / Versace fringe jewelry / David Yurman diamond ring / Vince Camuto jewelry / Juicy Couture stud earrings