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Monday, 7 April 2014

Growing Into Glamour

Growing Into Glamour
Daring? YES! Rock up in this mini skirt chances of you being the center on attention is pretty high. Neutral colours are the best way to start off when you're entering a new season! It screams sophistication and expensive which is every girls dream. Yes they say a new season one should always come out with a "big bang" (bright colours) but why would you want that when everyone else is doing just that? So much for the "big bang" right? So get all the attention with your neutral colour self since you'll probably be the only one that's actually wearing. The "big bang" can wait for now let it calm down a little then surprise them!
Remember: going with the flow is so overrated! 
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Featuring: Miu Miu mini skirt, Stella McCartney sleeveless top, Acne Studios blazer, Givenchy bag, Burberry shoes, Chloe necklace, Michael Kors hoop earrings, Burberry watch, Miu Miu sunglasses and Maria Black ring. #miumiu #StellaMcCartney #AcneStudios #michaelkors #Burberry #Givenchy #chloe #MariaBlack

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


When I saw these two tone tailored pants after two months of not being able to update you guys about my must haves I knew this would be a good simple start. Never mind prints let's take it back to Monochrome to remind ourselves that nothing really beats it, monochrome will forever be a classic and a must have in my book. I know some ladies are over the whole black and white theme (you're forgiven) don't worry for you ladies what I'm trying to stress in this set is the two toned pants any colour really, from white and gold to grey and black it's all okay as long as you have an item that is two toned not printed. If you're trying to pull this two toned look remember a solid coloured top always works preferably ONE colour that is the same as the pants or a similar one i.e. Dark grey top would also go with the look because it's similar to black. 
Want to feel and look good, maybe look like a million bucks this look is the one for you. To the ladies that are working in an office this look is also for you, pants like these can easily go from party wear to work wear. Remember: Black and white always looks expensive no matter where you get them from so stock up! Then it's up to you to style them accordingly. 
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Featuring: Stella McCartney pants, Vero Moda top, Rue Fu Mail coat, Givenchy bag, Tom Ford shoes, Chanel jewelry and Cartier watch.

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